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Importer / Wholesale distributor of DRYWALL SCREW

The most complete drywall screw fastener line around for professional contractors and renovators.

For the work that involves commercial interior and structural framing, industrial metal building, residential light-gauge steel framing; Optimum Fixations Inc has Drywall screws Optimal for each application.

We keep in inventory several types of drywall screws; Drywall screw coarse thread, Drywall screw fine thread, Drywall screw Self drilling, Drywall screw Laminating, Drywall screw Pan framing, Drywall screw K-lath, and all this with different kinds of head, length, finish and surface treatment against corrosion.

What are the surfaces to be joined? Drywall, Metal, lath, light-gauge steel framing, acoustical ceiling, plastering.

Our drywall screws coarse thread provide superior holding power when attached to wood.
Our drywall screws fine thread provide superior holding power when attached to light-gauge steel 25-20 gauge.
Use the shorter screw (1 ¼) for ½ inch drywall and the longer screw (1 5/8) for 5/8 inch drywall.
Our drywall screws are fabricated from high carbon steel with a sharper and stronger point.

We also offer the following range of products: Deck screw, Construction screw, Floor screw, Particle screw, Cabinet screw, Concrete Screw, Galvanised Product.

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To know our vast inventory of Wood screw, Metal screw, Special screw, Anchoring product.

Choose a good Drywall screw!
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